September 18-October 23, 2015

Artists: Rachel Libeskind, Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde, Romina Hendlin, Nick Fusaro, Mei Xian Qiu, Tracey Snelling, Diego Zaks, Ariela Kader,  Arantxa Araujo & Eric Corriel.

“The most outrageous lies that can be invented will find believers if a person only tells them with all his might.” Mark Twain.

Conceived Without Sin is an exhibition that proposes a new religion that reframes the longstanding ideology of Judeo-Christian thought. Participating artists have transformed the space into a modern day sanctuary, governed by the laws of communication and open thought, challenging archaic binary notions of good and evil. Conceived Without Sin presents how religion could look like from the perspective of a generation that has inherited the lessons of the most important social and political revolutions in history.

Growing up with the ubiquity of the Internet meant that at a young age we were granted immediate access to scientific data and different currents of thought, often with little oversight. Access to information encouraged challenging seminal religious stories like Virgin Mary’s mysterious pregnancy and aroused questions such as: Why does female sexuality have to be condemned? And, why must homosexuality be categorized as deviant behavior?

This proposal challenges the myths that religion has perpetuated regarding sexuality at large, but specifically homosexuality and bisexuality. The widespread political reform regarding same-sex marriage in North America has propelled some of these artists to question the ideology of the Judeo-Christianity model. According to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center, Millennials have the highest acceptance for same-sex marriage than any other generation. At 70 percent approval rating, this generation’s acceptance of sexual independence has led to greater social tolerance and is closing the gap of gender disparity. With such acceptance, religions are losing their power as the sole compass of morality and virtue.

The limited representation of race in religious imagery is another challenge we propose to address in the context of this exhibition. Historically, groups looking to strengthen their powers and suppress individual thought often devised artistic depictions of religious myths that favored their own agendas. Those without power were left out of the visual narratives that have served as the aesthetic norm for centuries.

Conceived Without Sin proposes a new religion where diversity is heralded, sexuality is respected, and debate is not only fostered but encouraged.

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