Inga Gallery in collaboration with Culturadora, are pleased to introduce  Ali Silverstein's new works "Water, Weather, Land, Nation" at UNTITLED art fair during Art Basel Miami week 2015.

Los Angeles-based artist Ali Silverstein's works build on a rare painterly skill to embrace the spontaneity of immediate, unqualified creative mark-making. With an undergraduate degree from Columbia University in visual art and comparative religion and an MFA in painting from The Slade School of Art in London, Silversteinwas also one of the inaugural advisors to Outset Contemporary Art Fund while still a student at The Slade. She has been mentored by both Chuck Close and Nicholas Logsdail of Lisson Gallery. 

Silverstein enjoyed successful solo exhibitions with Bischoff/Weiss Gallery in London and is now represented by Inga Gallery in Tel Aviv.  After living and working in New York, London and New Mexico,Silverstein is now based in Los Angeles. Her works continue to be collected internationally by some of the most significant voices in the art world. 

Inga Gallery presents Ali Silverstein's large-scale, sculptural constructions of cut, hung, painted, and layered canvas at UNTITLEDduring Art Basel Miami Beach week 2015. Silverstein's work builds on a rare painterly skill to embrace the authenticity of immediate, unqualified creative mark-making. "I want my mind to get out of the way, so that the work can be made by other intelligences," saysSilverstein. "I want the works to surprise me.  That's the joy in it."  

From the stacked puddles of translucent color that transformed into portraits in previous work, to the hung fringes or collaged canvas shapes in current pieces, layering has always been at the core ofSilverstein's language.   Hints of landscape, layers of skin, and shapes of color collide in a play of concealment and revelation to create not mere landscape, but inner-scape, or culture-scape – where the inner meets the outer.

Raw, physical, and immediate, but also delicate, elegant, and beautiful, these works call to mind abstract expressionism and action painting, as well as the drawing-based cut-outs of Matisse and the undefinable poetic sensibility of Richard Tuttle.